Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Anyone?

Well there is nothing like a couple feet of snow to put a stop to
things…  Luckily I did my shopping the day before and was 
well stocked up. The only thing to do is dress warmly and take 
the dogs for a walk!

As the temperature was changing from warm to cold to colder,
I was sitting in the cabin and heard a loud bang and some echoing 
steel. The studs I had cut, were not holding in place with the steel 
contracting in the cold weather. I was cutting them and wedging 
them in between the steel corrugations. Although the studs are not 
structural they will need to hold up the panelling eventually.

Note to self: glue studs to container!

During this time I knew the extension cord was on the ground 
and I kept thinking that I should raise it up and make it visible.
Unfortunately, my brother came long and cleared the snow 
with the snow blower, and the cord got caught up in it… sigh
Bye bye extension cord.
Luckily I had unplugged the cord so I didn't electrocute 
my brother.
So I am a bad sister, but not a horrible one!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Container is a Marvelous Thing!

Containers are great structures... I know they look like big ugly
boxes, but if you are inside, does it really matter?
They are wind, water, fire and bug proof. Unless you start the fire
from the inside!
There are many things you can do with a container, all you need is a
bit of imagination, and time (or lot's of money!) and the possibilities
are endless.
Containers can be converted into a all sorts of structures: tiny homes,
saunas, kitchens/restaurants, bathroom units, workshops, schools etc.

MY container is now delivered and in place.
The delivery man took a lot of time to make sure it was level.
I have been to the hardware store and bought studs and screws
and other supplies…
Now all I need is my brothers circular saw. I have tried to use a jigsaw
and a hand saw to cut a couple of the boards to length, but it is
neither efficient nor accurate!

I have taped a map of where everything will go so I can get a better
idea of how things will look spatially. I see many tiny houses that
are so full of furniture (or builtins) that there is little room to move
around. I like to fit everything in and still have it feel spacious
(one never knows when an impromptu dance party will break out!).
So we'll see how it all turns out!

My first job will be to drill the holes for electrical wiring in the studs
and then cut them to length to fit into the steel corrugations of the
walls. I am using 2x3's in most of the container, and 2x2's where no
electrical wires will be behind the walls, as in the bathroom and at
the closed end of the container.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A long Time Coming...

Well, the day has finally arrived!
I have been following the Tiny House Movement for 6-7 years now,
and have designed several tiny houses, for both building on a trailer
and converting a shipping container.

Tomorrow I can stop dreaming and start doing.
My container gets delivered in the morning…

I have designed and redesigned many versions in my head, over and
over. Today, I am ready to go!

I have started ordering things for my build.
LED lights, tiny sinks, shower drains, space saving faucets.
They are arriving daily. As they arrive my excitement grows.

I think I can do much of it myself, but I will need help with a few
things. I have already done much research on you tube, as there
is a video for just about everything posted there. There are a couple
things I still have to work out, but I am sure the answers will come
as I need them. They always do!

I am planning to photo document the process in more detail than most
tiny house builders. I am hoping this can be a resource for many
people in the future, the movement is growing by leaps and
bounds. When I first saw the tumbleweed houses, only a few people
had built one. Now there are Tiny House Communities popping up
here and there.
It is my eventual goal to have a Tiny House Community Here in Canada.
(and maybe on in France, as I already have three acres of land there)

In the meantime stay tuned and walk with me on my journey, I hope
to inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Keep dreaming your dreams, and don't let the start stop you…